Welcome To:
Little Farm
Tim & Charlotte Knott
11425 Upper Applegate Rd.
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 899-8381
We have a bunch of ducks, and the two breeds we have are
Pekings and Khaki Campbells.  Our ducks locked up in the duck
house  for the night, and are let out in the mornings to have free
rein of over 1/2 acre of our yard with our chickens.  Our ducks
are not caged up for collecting eggs; they are free-range ducks,
producing organic, free-range eggs.  However, if we hatch eggs in
our commercial incubator, we have no guarantees that we won't
end up with a cross between the two breeds.  If a batch of a
specific breed is requested, though it would take some work, it is
possible to separate the two breeds for a period of time to allow
the eggs to become fertile for a specific breed.