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Raw goat or sheep milk sales are legal on the farm and in retail stores.
No permit is necessary for farmers with no more than nine producing
goats and nine producing sheep who sell the milk on the farm directly
to the consumer. Raw cow milk sales are illegal except for on-farm
sales where the farmer has no more than three producing cows on the
premises. The state prohibits advertising for on-farm sales.

Farmers producing raw goat or sheep milk can sell in retail stores if
they obtain a producer-distributor license and have their own bottling
plant on site. Licensees can sell goat or sheep milk products such as
butter, cream, yogurt, and cheese as well. There is one licensed goat
milk farmer in the state at the present time.

621.012 Exception for small-scale on-farm sales.
The provisions of ORS 621.062, 621.070, 621.072, 621.076, 621.084,
621.088, 621.116, 621.117 and 621.259 and standards developed under
ORS 621.060, 621.083 or 621.224 do not apply to a person owning not
more than three dairy cows that have calved at least once, nine sheep
that have lactated at least once or nine goats that have lactated at
least once, but
such person may sell the fluid milk from those animals
for human or other consumption
without complying with the
provisions of ORS 621.062, 621.070, 621.072, 621.076, 621.084,
621.116, 621.117 or 621.259 or standards developed under ORS
621.060, 621.083 or 621.224 only

(1) The person does not advertise the milk for sale;
(2) The milk is sold directly to the consumer at the
premises                       where produced; and
(3) No more than three producing dairy cows, nine
producing                     sheep or nine producing goats are located on
the premises                    where the milk is produced.

621.003 Definitions.
(3) "Dairy products" means:
(a) Butter.
(b) All varieties of cheese, frozen desserts and frozen dessert mixes
containing milk, cream or nonfat milk solids.
(c) Evaporated, condensed, concentrated, powdered, dried or
fermented milk, whey, cream and skimmed milk.

(19) "Producer-distributor" means:
(a) A person who bottles milk on the premises where production
occurs, in pasteurized or unpasteurized form and for human
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Oregon Statutes
Chapter 621 Milk; Dairy Products; Substitutes