Owner/Agent will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, flood, or any act which is
beyond its control.

1. Application Of Payments
a. All payments may be applied to Tenant's account in the following order. Use of this section results in unpaid balance forward,
additional late fee may not be applied.
a. Non-Refundable Fees
b. Pet Fees
c. Security Deposits
d. Partial Month's Rent Pro-rate
e. Damage/s by Tenant/s
f. Miscellaneous Charges
g. Past Due Rent Payments
h. Current Rent Payment

2. Fees/Late Fees/Charges
a. The Owner/Agent may change the type or amount of late charge by giving 30 days' written notice to the Tenant/s. An
Owner/Agent shall not deduct a previously imposed charge from a current or subsequent rental period rent payment, thereby
making that rent payment delinquent for imposition of a new or additional late charge or for termination of the tenancy for non-
payment of rent. An Owner/Agent may charge simple Interest on an unpaid late charge at the rate allowed for judgments
pursuant to ORS82.010 and accruing from the date the late charge is imposed.
b. No accounting by Owner/Agent is required for fees. Owner/Agent shall first apply fee amount to
related expense before applying Tenant's security deposit to such expense.

3. Renters, Children & Guests
a. All Renters must be registered. All guests visiting longer than three (3) days must be registered at the office. After three (3)
days, Renters will be charged an additional $50.00 per guest per month, or, $3.00 per day per guest, whichever is less. If guests
bring a pet, Renters will be charged $3.00 per day per pet or pet fee per agreement if guest/s stay/s longer than three (3) days.
The Breed of dog is subject to management approval.
b. Please conduct yourselves in a quiet and orderly manner & refrain from excessive noise. This also applies to autos, stereos,
TV's, radios, motorcycles, musical instruments, profanity (outdoors) etc.
a. Disorderly conduct shall be grounds for notice to vacate the dwelling and terminate this agreement. Tenant/s shall restrict all
sounds or noise to a reasonable volume. Tenants and their guests shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb
their neighbor's peaceful enjoyment of the premises.
c. Quiet time is from 9:00 p.m. - 9:00 a.m.
d. Disallowed activities include noisome drinking, drugs, boisterous parties etc. These rules also apply to your guest/s.
e. Please park your cars in your own driveway or carport. The main road shall be kept clear as required by the Fire Marshall.
f. If you have a problem with your neighbor, their children or guest/s, please work it out with that family unless it is management
g. Children are not allowed in the Laundromat without adult supervision and/or their parent/s.
h. Upon obtaining phone service, Tenant/s agree/s to provide this number to the Owner/Agent.
i. Tenant/s shall not leave personal property in the common areas.

4. Entry Into Premises
a. Tenant/s shall not unreasonably withhold consent to the Owner/Agent to enter the premises in order to inspect the premises,
make reasonable or agreed upon repairs or improvements or to show the unit to prospective buyers or Tenants. The
Owner/Agent may enter the premises without consent in an emergency, to post notices, or at any reasonable time with 24-hour
notice or permission of tenant.

5. Laws
a. Tenant/s shall comply with all rules and regulations pursuant to this agreement and with all local, state, and federal laws.

6. Damages & Insurance
a. Tenant/s will be held responsible for any fire and/or water damage caused by negligence. If Tenant/s smoke/s, make sure all
cigarettes are put out in a safe container or ashtray, Not on a counter.
b. Parents are responsible for their children and will be held responsible for any damages caused by them. Children are not
allowed to climb trees or break branch-es.
c. If Tenant/s is/are watching/babysitting another Tenant’s child/children, they will be held responsible for any damages caused
by the child/children they are watching/babysitting..
d. The Owner/Agent will not be liable or responsible in any way for loss or damage to articles or property belonging to tenant/s
or their guests except those resulting from Owner/Agent's willful or negligent acts. Tenant/s is/are responsible for maintaining
their own fire and theft insurance for their personal property. Ten-ant/s is/are also responsible to maintain liability coverage for
damage or fire caused by them or their guest's negligence. Tenant/s is/are advised to insure their personal property.
e. Tampering with and/or making any changes to fuses, appliances or any electrical, plumbing and/or any other portion of the
premises or changing of door locks etc. is forbidden, unless tenant has written permission from the Owner/Agent. If you have a
problem, put it in writing and contact management. If you see a problem that would affect your neighbor’s safety, notify
a. Tenant/s is/are responsible for all damage to property or premises caused by stoppage of waste pipes, or overflow of
bathtubs, toilets or washbasins. Tenant/s must pay for damage to the building and/or furnishings other than the normal wear and
f. Premises, articles or equipment described in the inventory, or which may hereafter be furnished to the Tenant/s by the
Owner/Agent, that become missing, bro-ken or damaged shall be charged against the Tenant/s at current market prices at the
time of replacement.
g. Tenant/s shall not house flammable materials. All damage caused by smoking shall be repaired or replaced at the Tenant's
h. The Owner/Agent shall not be liable for damages of any kind caused by lack of heat, refrigeration, or other services to the
premises arising out of any accident, act of God, or occurrence beyond the control of the Owner/Agent. The Tenant/s shall be
limited to the remedies specified in the Oregon Landlord/Tenant Act.
i. Tenant/s further agree/s to be responsible for and to pay for damages, fines, or fees incurred by Owner/ Agent, caused by acts
of Tenant/s, other occupants of rental dwelling, pets, and/or guests or visitors.

7. Absence
a. Tenant/s shall notify the Owner/Agent of any anticipated absence from the premises in excess of seven (7) days, no later than
the first day of the absence.

8. Sublease
a. Tenant/s shall not transfer their interest/s in this agreement, or sublet the premises to any other person/s.

9. Washers/Laundromat
a. No washing machines are allowed in mobile homes, by order of Jackson County Planning Department.
b. Bolder City has a small Laundromat on the property that is available for Tenant/s to use.
c. Owner/Agent retains the right to close down the Laundromat should problems arise, or for any other reason.

10. Rentals, Yards & Repairs
a. The premises shall be used only as a dwelling unit. Tenant/s shall use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing,
sanitary, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other facilities or appliances on the premises.
b. No water beds, pianos, or organs are allowed without the written consent of the Owner/Agent.
c. Yards are to be kept clean. Do not allow trash to accumulate in your yard.
d. No fences or structures of any kind are allowed to be installed without the approval of Owner/Agent.
e. No remodeling or painting will be allowed without the approval of Owner/Agent.
f. Keep your grass & weeds cut down. If you are unable to do this yourself, contact Owner/Agent for assistance and it will be
done for you at a fee of no less than $25 (subject to increase based on yard size).
g. Tenant/s shall report immediately in writing, all malfunctions of equipment, failure of essential service, or need of repair.
h. Tenant/s shall keep doors locked at all times for their own security. Tenant/s shall notify the Owner/Agent if locks fail to
operate properly.
i. Tenant/s are not to affix any decal, poster, or sign to the interior or exterior of the premises.
j. No sign or posters may be placed in the yard area without the permission of the Owner/Agent.

11. Lease Enabling
a. The "lease enabling" provision ensures that the Owner/Agent will retain the power to exclude nonresidents from the common
areas of the property should they violate the rules of the complex. The Owner/Agent retains control over any common areas of
the premises for the purposes of enforcing state trespass laws and shall be the “person in charge” for that purpose as that
phrase is defined in ORS 164.205(5).

12. Smoke Alarms
a. Tenant/s acknowledges the presence of a smoke alarm in fully operational condition in the rental unit. Instructions have been
provided about how to test the unit.
b. Tenant/s has/have been instructed to test the device at least once a month and replace the batteries as needed, and been
made aware the Owner/Agent is not liable for loss or damage due to the smoke alarms failure to operate.
c. Tenant/s is/are required to immediately notify Owner/Agent in writing of any malfunction of the smoke alarm. Tenant/s shall
not remove or tamper with a properly functioning smoke alarm, including removing any working batteries.

13. Rent Increases
a. Rent may be increased with 30 days' written notice.

14. Water
a. Drinking water is for household use only.
b. There is No outside watering, washing of cars, filling of swimming pools or kids wading pools.

15. Speed Limit
a. The speed limit is 5 mph, and speeding as well as careless/reckless driving will not be tolerated. This also applies to guest/s
and/or visitor/s.
b. Violators of the speed limit may be asked to park their vehicle at the entrance of Bolder City.
c. Continued violation of the speed limit may result in the termination of this agreement.

16. Pets
a. No dogs, cats, other animals, aquariums etc., are allowed without the written consent of the Owner/Agent.
b. All dogs must be on a leash or fenced in. Violators will receive two warnings, but the third time will be
a notice to get rid of the dog, or Tenant/s will receive a notice to vacate.
c. Do not allow dogs to bark excessively. If Tenant/s and/or their guest/s and/or visitor/s cannot control their dog/s, the dog/s
must be removed from the premises.
d. If Tenant/s is/are leaving for any length of time, Tenant/s shall not leave their pets with a neighbor.  Leaving pets locked up
in the rentals is also not allowed.
e. Tenant’s is/are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, and any damage they cause.

17. Hunting/Shooting
a. No shooting of firearms, B.B. guns or sling shots on the premises.
b. No shooting of archery without the supervision of an adult and/or parent/s.
c. No Hunting or chasing the wildlife on the premises.

18. Plumbing
a. If Tenant/s has/ have a problem with sinks and/or toilet/s draining within 7 days of renting, contact Owner/Agent for repairs.
b. Do NOT pour grease, coffee grounds or anything that could clog the drain, down the sink.
c. Do NOT flush tampons, hand wipes or any non-biodegradable items down the toilet.
d. After 7 days of renting, Tenant/s is/are responsible for stopped up sinks or toilets, and can borrow a snake to take care of the
clogged drain on their own, or, for a fee of $50.00 payable at the time of service, the Owner/Agent can unplug it for the
Tenant/s. If Tenant/s choose/s to remedy the clogged drain on their own and damages occur to plumbing, parts and/or fixtures,
Tenant will be charged for the repairs made.
e. If Tenant/s choose/s to call a plumber, Tenant/s will be responsible for paying for their service.
f. Report leaky faucets, toilets, pipes etc. to Owner/Agent.

19. Burn Piles & Burn Barrels
a. No burn piles are allowed by Tenant/s on the property.
b. If Tenant/s would like to use a burn barrel, Tenant/s shall contact the Forestry for their rules regarding the use of burn
c. Camp fires and/or fire pits are prohibited without written consent of the Owner/Agent.

20. 4th Of July
a. No Fireworks Are Allowed Under Any Circumstances.

21. Garbage
a. Each rental with a family of 3 or less, will be allowed one regular garbage can each week. Additional cans are at the expense
of the Tenant/s.
b. Each rental with a family of 4 or more, will be allowed one large garbage can each week. Additional cans are at the expense
of the Tenant/s.
c. Do not leave trash outside of the garbage cans.
d. When using the recycling containers, please put only the appropriate items in each container.

22. Auto Repairs
a. Minor repairs are acceptable, but non-running or wrecked vehicles are not allowed at Tenant/s rental.

23. Renting Responsibilities
a. Tenant/s is/are responsible for paying their rent on time.
b. If the rent is not paid in full by midnight on the 4th day from rent being due, a late fee will be added on the 5th day.
c. If Tenant/s does/do not pay their rent within 7 days of their due date, a 72 hour notice to vacate the premises will be served
on the 8th day.
d. If Tenant/s plan/s to move, it is their responsibility to provide Owner/Agent with a 30 day written notice before moving, in
order to get any applicable deposit/s refunded to them.
e. Failure to abide by these rules may result in termination of this rental agreement, and being served an eviction notice.
f. If/when a rental unit is occupied by more than one occupant it is agreed that each person will be held responsible for the entire
rent and any other additional charges until the rental account is paid in full.
g. Any prepaid rents and/or deposits will remain charged to the account and any applicable refund/s will not be awarded until
such time that all Tenants legally vacate the dwelling unit.

24. Notices/Accounting
a. All required notices shall be delivered in the manner provided by law to the Owner/Agent or Tenant/s.  Any notice served by
first class mail ONLY, must include an additional three (3) days for delivery.  Where allowed by law, notices may be served by
first class mail, and on the same day attached in a secure manner to the main entrance to that portion of the premises of which
the Tenant has possession, or to the Owner/Agent at the address provided. Notice given to or received from one Tenant is
binding to all other Tenants.
b. An Owner/Agent may charge Tenant/s a fee for delivering a notice of any non-compliance with this rental agreement. Tenant
agrees to pay a non-compliance fee equal to one month’s rent if Owner/Agent terminates the tenancy pursuant to ORS90.400 or

25. Attachments
a. Attached hereto and made a part here of are the following forms:
a. Pet Agreement
b. Smoke Alarm Acceptance
c. Move-In Inventory
d. Deposit Refund
e. Contract Addendum
f. Notice to Residents

26. Abandonment
a. Tenant/s agrees that any goods, chattels, motor vehicles, or other property left on the premises, after termination of the
tenancy by any means, shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of as provided in the Oregon Landlord Tenant Act.

27. Termination
a. Tenant/s shall not terminate this rental agreement without 30-days' written notice. Failure of Tenant/s to give 30 days' notice
may make Tenant/s liable for up to 30 days rent.
b. Upon giving a termination notice, the Tenant/s must give a single forwarding address for notices and accounting.
c. The Owner/Agent may terminate this tenancy at any time, with or without stated cause, upon giving Tenant/s not less than 30
days written notice or as otherwise provided by the Oregon Landlord/Tenant Act.
d. If rent is 4 days in arrears, after service of 144-hour written notice, the Owner/Agent may terminate the rental agreement and
take possession of the premises as provided by law.
e. If Tenant/s fails to pay rent and other charges, or to comply with any terms or conditions specified herein, Owner/Agent may
terminate this tenancy.
f. Any omission or misstatement on the application for this dwelling unit may, at the option of the Owner/Agent, be grounds for
termination of this tenancy.
g. Owner/Agent accepting partial payment does not waive the right to terminate if the balance of rent is not paid as agreed in
h. Acceptance of deposit on last month's rent does not constitute a waiver of Owner/Agent's right to terminate for nonpayment
of rent. Any rent or other charges owed by Tenant/s to Owner/Agent can be deducted from security deposit.

28. Holdover Tenancy
a. Any holding over after the expiration of the rental term, without consent of the Owner/Agent, shall be deemed a willful
holdover and Owner/Agent will be entitled to rent and damages.

29. Court
a. The prevailing party shall be entitled to court costs, attorney fees and/or any other amount allowed under Oregon Statutes.
b. If a portion of this rental agreement should be ruled unenforceable by the courts, the other portions remain in full force.

30. Vacating
a. Tenant shall return premises to Owner/Agent in every way clean. The Owner/Agent's definition of "clean" shall be binding on
the parties.
b. Upon vacating of the premises, if Tenant/s leave the rental and/or premises in any way but “clean” and ready for
Owner/Agent to rent to the next Tenant/s, Own-er/Agent will apply additional charges to the vacating Tenant/s for (but not
limited to), cost of labor (at a fair hourly rate) for cleaning of the entire premises, dumping fees, driving time (at the same rate
for labor), cost of fuel to haul away everything Tenant/s left behind and any damages caused by Tenant/s. Tenant/s will be
responsible for paying said fees/charges, and/or any other charges rightfully due to Owner/Agent.

31. Signature Block
Where used in this agreement "Owner/Agent" means "Landlord" as defined in ORS 90.100. This agreement in duplicate is
executed by the parties. All parties acknowledge having read and understood all sides of this agreement. Any questions have
been answered. Tenant/s acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement.
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